Becoming Yourself: Body Attention and the Fulfillment of Potential

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About the author

Avi Grinberg

Avi Grinberg has spent most of his life observing and working with the human body and how it relates to fear and pain. He served as an army paramedic, was apprenticed to a Bedouin faith healer, practiced trance healing with South American brujos, worked the nightshift as an ER nurse, and studied a wide range of meditation and therapeutic techniques. 

In 1991, he founded the Grinberg Method, a somatic methodology that teaches people to shift attention to the body, relax into fear, and break free of patterns that reduce their quality of life. Since its inception, the method has certified over 3,000 practitioners internationally and touched more than 1 million people. 

When he is not reading, teaching, or working with clients, he can usually be found in his kitchen cooking up something delicious. He has recently begun learning and practicing permaculture on his farm in southern Europe.