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John D Williams

John D Williams from England is an internationally award winning street photographer creating visual images as an invigorating as well as modern form of visual art. He is aged 43 and has spent many years travelling and experiencing other countries; he is currently living in Russia with his wife and daughter.

As a photography artist John D Williams believes in the power of the photographic image to transcend all language barriers. Every single unique image he creates reaches out to the viewer, creating the power to move, by offering the power to invest in highly original and strikingly beautiful emotions.

He has several outstanding Photograph Art Books published including, Timberland Voyage (contemporary tee art abstracts), Abstract Lightpainting (a dynamic voyage into long-exposure lightpainting art), City in Diagonals (blazing architecture photography art), Flowers of Beauty (striking modern botany floral photographs), and People of Russia an Englishman's View (modern Russian street photography).