The Covid Manifesto

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About the author

LTC Anon E. Mous

LTC Mous is first and foremost an American Patriot.

His service to our great country spans over twenty years of blood, sweat, and tears. Five of his overseas deployments consisted of both contingency and combat operations as a senior military officer and an elite aviator. His fight for the country continues behind the scenes today, in educating his fellow countrymen on the evils that lie beneath the surface.

There is only learning as LTC Mous likes to say. One cannot teach if the recipient is not willing to learn. He strives to provide the same information and guidance to you, as he would expect you to do for him, if your roles were reversed.

On his off days he enjoys downing an aviators breakfast: a cup of coffee and two aspirin. Once his belly is full for the morning, he is off and riding the tractor on the wispy Kansas wheat fields.