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Maja Fagras

I am Maja Fagras, a woman with varied musings. A solo traveler, gardener, healer, and entrepreneurial creative. In 2018, I gathered my courage to share my story with the world.  I have always been a storyteller, but had never tried my hand at completing a book.

The story, Celosia's Web, which fell into my mind, with the gravity of a falling stone, needed to be told.  Initially, like any persevering artist, writing was tailored around a full time job; needless to say it required a heap of diligence. Halfway through the process, I left alone for the island of Bali, to finish writing the novel on a sabbatical, where my mind could truly surrender into the story full time.  I finished in January of 2020.  At last, I am elated and proud to announce that my Audio book is complete, allowing me to publish, with help of a talented editor and producer.

In the future, I intend to finish the second book that is outlined as a “sequel,” especially if readers have interest to hear more. Beyond that, I will continue my simple life of permaculture farming, stewarding the land, producing hand made artisanal herbal products and wares. My time is graciously spent in nature on my off grid land- and when things straighten out in the world I’ll be traveling far and wide once again.