How to Succeed With Women! The Only Dating Guide You Will Ever Need

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David Mitchell

Hi, my name is David Mitchell, author of the best-seller "How to succeed with women!". And this is my life's story...

It's funny when I think back to just a few months ago. I remember having no idea, no clue whatsoever about what I was doing when trying to meet women. I was truly clueless, and like most men, I had no idea why I was constantly getting rejected.

But instead of giving up, which was not even an option, I started to learn. I started reading everything on the subject of dating and attracting women I could get my hands on. I've spent thousands of dollars on dating courses and tips and got rejected 100 times over just so I can learn about what I was doing wrong.

And after all that reading, listening to audiobooks, and experience, I'm sharing WITH YOU all of my secrets and all of my tips, tricks, and strategies on how to be successful in the dating game!