Kat Kaller

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Q Elliston

​​​​​​​My name is Quantelle and I like to write. Its always been a passion of mine to bring stories from my imagination onto pen and paper. I've been telling stories since I was a very young girl. This is my first self publication and Im very proud of the way it turned out. This is my biggest accomplishent to date but I have been published before a poem called  'The Midnight Moon'. That one was about the coldness of the moon reflected in areas of my life. Its much a stretch from the Kat Kaller saga which funny enough is all about revenge. She however isnt faced with to many hardships not with Jack taking the wheel of her life, and her allowing it of course. This saga brings out an even darker tone than 'The Midnight Moon' and follows Jessie and her dealings with the chauvinistic males that plague her. ​​​​​​​
This book is about the scary consequcnes that can occur when a simple girl is faced with the social injustice of Cat Calling. So read on for a blood dive into the fantastical realm of Jessie... And Jack.