Trinity - The Prophecy

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Kylie Price

Once you've overcome self-doubt, ideas can become endless. ~Kylie Price

Kylie Price has been a published author since 2012 after finally pursuing her dreams, pushing past the self-doubt and memories of setbacks as a child. Having a learning disability, along with little to no encouragement growing up, it took her a long time to fight the inner-demons that taunted her every idea.
Relishing her newfound confidence, her passion for writing split off into a parallel direction and she started her company, Awaken Imaginations, in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping young children find their passion for reading and writing.
The publishing company took off quickly as the overall result from students' grades jumped dramatically, and other schools sourced her to work with their students. With the program consisting of a published anthology containing stories written by the students in each class, it's her mentoring success that drives every student headfirst into the writing project to have their stories printed.
Having no higher education, and no experience other than publishing knowledge and a passion for writing and exploring the imagination, this has not discouraged new schools wanting Kylie to squeeze them into her limited time slots.
Her business has helped her learn new things about herself and the students she mentors, but she still enjoys writing her own tales for others to enjoy. All funds earned from her books go towards her mission to inspire those who feel they can't, while championing those who wish they could.