Vampire's Lust


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About the author


My name is Chantelle Primrose Ncube. I was born in Zimbabwe, where I spent my early years. I am naturally an introvert, and I find serene peace when I am alone. My favorite color is cyan blue, yellow, turquoise blue and white. I love peace and quiet because it helps me gather my thoughts and makes me feel like I am breathing.

I grew up following BTS, they were my therapy when my mom and granddad passed away. I believe they helped me see my true potential. I was in a bad space, but when I listened to any BTS song I would find myself feeling at peace and happy. Wherever I go I’m always asked how I remain happy all the time even when I am going through a hard space and all I can say is thank you BTS. I also owe everything to my grandfather who raised me in books, he first introduced me to reading newspapers, and I was always drawn to mystical, supernatural and crime themes which led me to watching a lot of series that contained all that. As I wrote this book, I had a lot of thoughts as to how the boys would be if they were vampires not idols, and it got me flowing with this fantastic and mystical story.