The Grand Scheme of Things: Spiritual and Cosmic Insights via Meditation

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Nicole Lee

I like the unconventional, because I do not believe that each of us was born to conform to standards set by others. This is largely due to the fact that rather than exploring my own uniqueness and true self, the greater part of my earlier life was spent conforming to societal norms and standards, resulting in yet another confused and insecure young adult.

​Growing in a highly competitive Asian environment, I was inculcated with the notion that excellent grades were the sole precursors of a successful career and a happy life. As a result, I entered medical school, even though it was not my ambition to become a doctor. This career incompatibility was one of the core reasons for my unhappiness in earlier life, and sparked my relentless search for the purpose and meaning to my life.

The pivotal point in my life came when a synchronous event led to a reunion with a medical colleague who had been using regression hypnotherapy to help patients. I was also advised to practise meditation conscientiously. Through regression therapy and meditation, I explored my subconscious mind for the first time, and to my amazement, metaphorical imageries and possible past lives conveying spiritual insights began to emerge during these sessions.

My spiritual experiences led to true inner healing, a sense of purpose, peace and serenity that I had never experienced before, and culminated in the production of my first book titled "Mirrors of the Mind" which was published in early 2015. 

I now believe that there are no coincidences in the world, only synchronicity, and the suffering and unhappiness I went through in my earlier life were all catalytic experiences to help me become a more compassionate and resilient person. Meditation is now an essential part of my life, and metaphorical imageries and stories depicting spiritual and cosmic messages continue to surface during my meditation. These chronicles are collated to form my second book "The Grand Scheme of Things ", as well as the stories that are available on my website.

Finally, a more formal introduction:
I obtained my medical degree from the National University of Singapore. I wanted to be more financially savvy and my interest led me to complete an Executive Master of Science in Finance. I currently practise as a general practitioner while pursuing my interests in writing, reading, travelling and trading.