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Shannon O'Marren

Animals in Africa Interactive Word Search Puzzles for Kids by Shannon O’Marren

Do you wish there was an easier way of teaching your kids the names of different african animals? Well, now there is! Written by popular children’s book author Shannon O’Marren, Animals in Africa is an innovative word search puzzle book that aims at making learning fun. Addictive and conveniently compact, this book is designed to improve a grade–schooler’s cognitive skills. The cool book, filled with interesting word search puzzles, will not only help your kid learn new words, but will also provide hours of entertainment! And guess what? Even you can join in to find these words while spending quality time with your child.

About the book:

Filled with 10 different word search puzzles, with each puzzle comprising of multiple words, Animals in Africa does stand out in its own way. To make it easier for the kids, the book offers hints for each puzzle. If your son/daughter is struggling to complete a particular puzzle and is getting frustrated, you can keep him/her from quitting by showing these little hints that will encourage him/her to give it another go. In the end, you will find answers to all these puzzles. Finding the words in the puzzles will fill your kids with a sense of accomplishment, which will boost their self confidence, while enriching their knowledge in the process.

About the author:

Ever since she was a child, Shannon O’Marren has had a penchant for reading. Being an avid reader, Shannon has read every book that has ever hit the bookstands. Her passion for reading led her to acquire a flair for writing. She is also fond of children, and children’s books. When the time came to pick a career, Shannon could not think of a better one than to write books for these precious ones. Already a recognized author in the children’s books genre, Shannon O’Marren is on her way to publish many more books in the coming years.