Life and Other Contact Sports

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John McKinstry

There are lots of writers out there who do a brilliant job of writing about what I call the “good stuff” in business - things like great leadership skills, confidence or positive attitude.

I love to read that kind of thing but I don’t tend to write about it. Instead, I write about the other side of that coin, about what you could describe as the “bad stuff” in business.

From the everyday frustrations and negativity in the office through to the genuinely scary stuff like redundancy, the focus in my books is on the bad stuff in the workplace that could affect you and – more importantly - how to navigate your way successfully through it.

If you’re interested you can hear more from me on Twitter (@JMcKWriter) where I highlight any great articles and quotes I’ve seen and also talk a lot about my favourite sport - ice hockey – which I use as the background for my first novel “Life and Other Contact Sports”