Primogen: Origin of Monsters

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About the author

Lisa Vasquez

"It really is OK to be a female and write horror. I'm not intimidated by any man who thinks this isn't the genre for a woman. A woman is expected to be this soft, emotional wreck in the face of tragedy or horror. I'm the woman that kicks it in the junk and goes for the jugular. I want to make the words bleed for me."

Born and raised in Chicago, Lisa's love for horror began at a young age. Her father had a deep love for horror movies and science fiction and took a keen interest in special effects. So that Lisa and her siblings could enjoy the movies with him, he'd sit up late at night painstakingly "editing" the explicit adult scenes. Afterwards, they'd sit together and discuss the magic of how the effects were achieved. When other kids her age dressed in cartoon-kid-friendly costumes for Halloween, Lisa created homemade costumes that paid homage to classics like â€‹BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Thanks to her creative parents (her mother also having a talent for artistic expression such as homemade crafts, sewing, and interior decorating) Lisa was encouraged to read, write and to act in homemade skits to entertain themselves, family and close friends.

Lisa currently resides in Houston, Texas. She is the Publisher's Liaison for the Horror Writer's Association, and is also the founder of the HWA's Houston chapter. She is the owner of Stitched Smile Publications, a small independent publishing company, and is the author of The Unsaintly Chronicles, The Unfleshed, and several other short stories. 

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