The Raven and Other Tales

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Joy V Spicer

I was born in bright, sunshiny Malaysia, but I’ve chosen to live in cold, wet, sometimes sunshiny England; crazy, I know! Growing up, I loved reading Western fairy stories and eastern mythological ones, and I’d spend hours in my imagination, dreaming up my own stories. And I still do. Back then, I was too impatient to write them down, so I spent my early years acting them out instead. To myself and my toys. The actual writing didn’t start until I was in my late 20s. I readily admit to succumbing to bouts of ‘lazy-itis’, but it seems my writing process is helped by ‘BBc’ – Beethoven, Brahms and cake.

I live in beautiful Dorset with my 2 sons, and we’re the housekeeping staff for 4 cats.

Come say ‘hi’ on Twitter, I’m @joyvspicer

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