Mindful Meditation for Beginners. Mindfulness Meditation: A Mindful Life Proyect

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About the author

Eric Mc Luhan

I am an advocate of simple habits and living,  meditation and Buddhism. I believe these are the basic parts in attaining happiness in life no matter what situation a person is in. Spirituality without religion is a personal quest for everyone. It is our inner journey in finding our Selves without the outside conditions of society. This is the start of our personal transformation, finding the authentic self and accepting who we really are no matter what. By doing so we become aware of our feelings, emotions and thoughts. Like most people I have been through the motions of expectations, frustrations and the seeming lack of control and destination.

Discovering the path to illumination can be daunting, and to some, other worldly. But it’s not, it is just a matter of consciousness and being present in the moment. From that presence we bring ourselves to the true path of transforming ourselves and our lives. In the book I want to share the paths of transformation, the ways of resolving everyday situations we find ourselves in. This is to bring down the authentic Self into the practical side of living. Once the Self is fully out and experienced in our daily lives, we begin to transform the society we are in and our environment.

Part of the book are the different meditation techniques, which I have researched and practiced over the years. Choosing one technique is like choosing the boat to cross the river. It is my honor to accompany you unconditionally to take the reins of your destiny and achieve true success and happiness within your heart.