The Victorious Centurion

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Werner Manke

If one had to describe W. H. Manke in five words the most appropriate words might be: He’s passionate about many things.

Manke's family, faith and health rank at the top of his list.  He enjoyed a career in education as teacher, principal and Director of Instruction, and retired after thirty years to have time to pursue other interests.  The years in education taught him much about how humans learn.  Day-to-day observations, common sense and a good deal of research gave him an understanding about what it takes for people to be successful.  He holds a degree with concentrations in English and Education and a Master's degree in Educational Administration and Strategic Planning.  Ask him what he enjoys doing since retirement he’ll tell you, "Ranking at the top with other activities I love to watch my grandchildren at play, to read and to write.  In the last few years I completed five full length novels, published two, and I've recently completed writing Storms over Hawking Manor, a sequel to the first novel I published, Secrets of Hawking Manor."  The later book he edited and formatted at the end of 2014 for Smashwords' distribution to publishers and retailers that sell E-Books.  He had also written a number of articles, short stories and many poems during those years.

When he is not near his grandchildren he might be found writing, researching or reading.  He loves to play, coach and watch a number of sports that include soccer, hockey, skiing, fishing as well as collecting.  He delights in the beauty of nature and the arts.  Certain types of paintings and poems and the lyrics and melodies of some songs and hymns cause him to marvel at people's talents.  He continues to study history.  Ask him why he does, he will say, "We can make this a better world, if we consider the actions of individuals and countries of the past, good and bad, that history shows us and include that knowledge in our guidebook to roads not yet taken."

He believes humans are the crowning work of creation, sees each person as unique, one of a kind, priceless and able to achieve the greatest deeds as well as sink to the most hideous crimes.  He believes our most urgent task is to guide all children to become compassionate, confident and informed citizen willing to take on the challenge to create a peaceful world where no child goes hungry.