Xyreon: Gifted or Haunted?

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Dylan Reneerkens

I'm Dylan Reneerkens, a 22-year-old author from the Netherlands. I make fictional books that revolve around characters facing significant challenges in their lives. While my primary focus lies within my expanding superhero universe, I also enjoy undertaking side projects like "The House of Poseidon" that exist outside of this superhero realm.
Looking ahead, I'm eager to explore diverse universes that go beyond the realm of superheroes. By diversifying my writing styles, I hope to provide readers with a broader range of narratives and experiences.
My ultimate goal is to offer comfort and support to readers through my books, much like the solace one finds in listening to music. Through my stories, I aim to foster personal growth, demonstrating that change is possible and fears can be overcome. I want to challenge stereotypes and provide eye-opening experiences, highlighting the uniqueness of individuals. Together, we can triumph over any obstacle life presents.