The Nephilem

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About the author

S.E. Wilson

Exquil has been writing in some form or another since his middle school years. What started out as love for writing poetry in a secret poetry book, then turned into passion for song writing with his cousin and his best friend. The satisfaction he gets from building a world that a character and persona can brood away in, offering heart breaking truths of one’s human condition, with a poignant touch of mysticism is his lifelong passion.

Exquil is also a doting husband, a proud father of two, an evil step-father of two, a discerning media studies teacher, a secondary school basketball coach (championship winning!), an enthusiastic dreamer, a keen listener of student problems, and a bit of a foody. When Exquil is not dreaming up schemes, plot lines and plans for future books to fit into the Conspiracy of The Eternal Game masterplan, you can catch him spending time on his PlayStation or watching his favourite TV Shows whilst his wife is desperately trying to get to do home DIY or book a holiday abroad.

If you want to see Exquil in his full over-enthusiastic flow about the world The Nephilem is set in and related stories that inspire him just type is name into Google to find his podcast page and search.