Criminal Damage

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About the author

Harib Shaqsy

To begin, Harib Shaqsy is a proud father of four children. He is blessed with one Son and three beautiful, curious and energetic daughters, who are constantly reminding him of the joy of life of having a family that are always there when you need them. 

Much of Harib's day is spent as a Compute Expert in a government sector, where he is responsible for Digital Curriculum Contents. He also has work experience for nearly 30 years which includes working in a few other companies such as in a Petroleum company and Telecommunications.

He studied in the United Kingdom and in the USA in Washington DC. Plus, he has great experience in teaching on the core principles of leadership and personal development. 
He brings over thirty years of practical knowledge in his coaching and books. 

He is the author of "Hard Work Can Make You Poor". In his book, Harib feels that most people are overworking and overstressed unnecessarily, because, they believe that, working hard is the only way to survive, be paid more and become richer. That is why many end up with depression and other diseases. 

If you ever want to become an entrepreneur and would like to get some encouragement and insight, you need to check some of Harib’s work.

He shows you the strategy that helps you in laying the foundation for accomplishing your dreams and prospering to your true potential.