Darkness, Book One of the Oortian Wars

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Iain Richmond

I love exploring and according to my mother, have done so since I could walk. Luckily back then, neighbors kept an eye out for the wayward 'Richmond kids,' and landlines kept a relatively close eye on my whereabouts.  At five, I scratched my first novel on torn pieces from a paper grocery bag (the 1970's). I glued these pages into a heavily worn, 'Where the Wild Things Are (by the immortal, Maurice Sendak)' hardcover to ensure the story continued.

My passion for storytelling continued in various formats, using different mediums. Furniture design and construction, home design and development, salvaged hardwood sourcing... and design, then construction. There is definitely a theme of designing and constructing, but it took many more years before I entirely gave in to my true love of designing, building and writing storyworlds.

Traveling fuels my characters and helps me create an honest 'sense of place' for them to hail from. Nepal, Malta, Southern Utah, Northern California, Canadian Rockies, Scotland, Ireland, England, Europe, South, and Central America and my favorite continent, Africa, all make up the foundations and roots from which my storyworlds and the characters that fill them, spring forth.

I'm not sure I have a 'brand' of SF yet. I enjoy vast storyworlds with believable tech that is two or three centuries beyond where we are now. I am also writing a post-apocalypse series, Spartan Chronicles, Book of Batal (book 1) with the goal of publishing a book in each series annually (Oortian Wars & Spartan Chronicles).

Thank you for supporting my work and the incredibly talented team that helps me craft it. Independent authors, storytellers, illustrators, and editors could not exist without you, and I definitely could not create my storyworlds without them.


I love to hear from readers and do my best to answer every email (I invite constructive criticism, so don't hold back) iain@iainrichmond.com