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Kevin L. Williams

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Kevin L. Williams is an author, independent screenwriter/director, and pretty cool guy from Texas with a ton of kids! 

He is a life-long reader and has always written stories since he was just a young lad tearing up the streets of San Antonio, TX on his Huffy bicycle. His literary influences range from Robert E. Howard, Poe, Tolkien, Stoker, Moorcock, Uncle Stevie (King), Childs, Patterson (Hey! He loves Alex Cross with no apologies!), to Hogan and Del Toro's Strain Trilogy. Kevin is also into comic books and graphic novels, accompanied by a steady diet of film and tv series much to the consternation of his family!

Kevin just completed his first novel HUNTED, based on one of the great screenplays collecting dust on a hard drive, but promises that it is great! It really is! It has werewolves, Navy SEALs, and strong badass women. Did I mention werewolves? I'm pretty sure I said werewolves. Kevin is hard at work writing several other projects as well.

He lifts weights every morning with his beautiful and strong wife Susan, does Martial Arts when he's not feeling lazy, and loves his family. Oh, he bought a motorcycle during his mid-life crisis, but fell off and now drives a Dodge Nitro.