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Zoe Jasmine

Zoe Jasmine

The uncovering of a series of erotic works after My Lust for Boys shocked the world and challenged 
her status as a national British treasure. She writes stories about her own fantasies, a real, corn 
bread, down-to-earth person and I'm honest about her sexual inclinations. If you'd like to give her 
a try, she would be happy to have you on board. Zoe’s work has soared in popularity in recent years, 
perhaps partly inspired by the mystery surrounding her. Originally seen as little more than an 
enthusiastic amateur novelist, her books now have sold millions of copies worldwide.
At thirty-two, she lives in a small town in beautiful Ontario with her two dogs, born and raised. 
She went to school in Montreal and Ottawa, studied French, Women's Studies and Literature but wasn't 
the most focused student. So she took creative writing classes in school but it wasn't till she got 
back to her hometown and was working as a waitress that she really started writing. 

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