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Marc Richard

...Somewhere between DARK COMEDY and BIZARRO, between DOUGLAS ADAMS and CARLTON MELLICK III, between CHUCK PALAHNIUK and KEVIN L. DONIHE, between LLOYD KAUFMAN and ANDY KAUFMAN, there's MARC RICHARD, a writer who doesn't mind exploiting his mental illness for fun and profit. He has been accused of being hilarious, and doesn't have the strength to argue.

Marc Richard was born in a picturesque, yet at the same time crappy, town called "Rumford". The name alone says it all, doesn't it? "Rumford." It was a Maine mill town, and there wasn't much to do but drink, get pregnant, and tip over cows.

After graduation he decided that he would go to college and major in medicine. He never got the hang of chemistry and physics, however, and he soon realized that if he were a dying patient, he would not want to be treated by someone with a C average. So he took up writing stories instead.

He is now living in Portland, Maine with his life-partner Jill and his dog Mia. He is not afraid of the oxford comma.

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