Stank and Bohdrum Struggle To Make Sense Of It All

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Gareth M Long

Gareth M Long has been writing stories since he was a small child. Raised in a little village near Cambridge, England, he spent much of his youth walking and cycling around the beautiful (if flat) countryside, and grew to love the sense of being lost in nature. Sadly, this love was somewhat frustrated by his GCSE science courses, which seemed to focus more on abstracted learning than on fundamental theories, application of ideas or rigorous explanations.

Having graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) Drama, he returned to Cambridge where he has lived ever since (albeit with a few months in London and a couple of years in Colchester), trying to eke out a living whilst practising and honing his writing. After reading Dawkins’ magnificently written The Selfish Gene, he also rediscovered his love of science and became what some people might call an ‘armchair’ scientist (though he can’t remember ever owning an armchair).

While studying for his MA Creative Writing, he hit upon the idea of Stank and Bohdrum as a way of exploring scientific thought through his own - largely uneducated - grasp of the field. It also seemed a lot more fun than the rather over-earnest eco-drama he’d spent years trying to complete.