The Skeleton and the Lantern

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About the author

Sherri Kukla

Sherri Kukla is co-founder and publisher, along with her husband, Steve, of S&S Off Road Magazine

Sherri and her husband Steve met and married as teenagers. They're not sure where the time went, but 45 adventurous years have passed, providing plenty of fun as well as not-so-fun experiences for Sherri to draw on for the MotoMysteries series. Their lives revolve around God, kids and motorcycles. They have raised four children of their own, in addition to opening their home to nearly a dozen others who spent a few weeks up to several years in their home. They are currently raising their 13-year-old granddaughter who has been with them most of her life. Yes, she rides and races motorcycles. They also have a seven-year-old grandson who loves rocks, reading, bicycles and motorcycles.

Sherri and Steve Kukla, along with their granddaughter, one dog, one bearded dragon and two dozen fish, reside in Ocotillo Wells, a desert community in Southern California, that is home to an 85,000 acre off road park.