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Lynn Veach Sadler

Former college president and native North Carolinian Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler has published, in academics, 5+ books and 72 articles and has edited 22 books/proceedings and 3 national journals and publishes 2 newspaper columns. In creative writing, she has 11 poetry chapbooks and 4 full-length collections, 125+ short stories, 4 novels, a novella, and 3 short story collections and has written 41 plays, including one commissioned for the First International Robert Frost Symposium.

She has received an Extraordinary Undergraduate Teaching Award, a civil rights award from Methodist University’s Black Student Movement, the Distinguished Women of NC Award for education, and the Barringer Award for Exceptional Service to the History of the State from the NC Society of Historians. She pioneered in computer-assisted composition and the adaptation of Deming and Total Quality to higher education.

As a Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet 2013-2015, she mentored student and adult poets. She was Visiting Distinguished Scholar in the “Educational Leadership for a Competitive America” seminar of the US Office of Personnel Management, presented at the First International Milton Symposium (England), and directed an NEH Seminar for College Teachers on “The Novel of Slave Unrest.”

She set up at Bennett College what is thought to be the first microcomputer laboratory in the country for teaching writing, pioneered in computer-assisted composition [CAC], coined the term, and published the first journal in the field (done with desktop publishing). As Vice President of Academic Affairs at Methodist University, she originated the first conference on academic computing in NC.

From c. 1983, she consulted in and provided keynote addresses, talks, and workshops on academic computing at conferences (e.g., Association for Computers and Humanities, World Conference on Computers in Education) on campuses across the US and for organizations (e.g., AEtna Institute for Corporate Education, IBM Academic Computing). She and her husband, Dr. Emory Sadler, a psychologist, have traveled around the world five times, with Lynn writing all the way. One of her Bennett College students was responsible for her 2010 selection for the National Women’s Hall of Fame.