Effective Interviewing and Evaluation Techniques Participant's Workbook

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Don Munro

Good day!  My name is Don.  I am from South Africa, however I have also trained in many southern African countries, including Swaziland and Namibia.  My international training experience includes a couple of years in the United Kingdom and time spent in America, training some of America’s top companies, including IBM, then Pan American Airlines, the New York Times newspaper, Cheseborough Ponds and the largest privately owned bank in the Southern States, The Atlanta Bank of Florida, where I trained their senior executives in Boca Raton.  In South Africa I have trained in the Financial, Hotel, Retail and Marketing Industries, as well as others such as Wits Business School, Government Departments, and many Tourism Associations. This has all taken place since I went on my own in, in Johannesburg, in 1982.
Before 1982 I worked for the Department of Education, as a teacher, the Ford Motor Company, South African Breweries, the Checkers Group and Tiger Brands – which at the time was the largest employer in the Southern Hemisphere. My courses offered cover senior management, managers, project leaders, supervisory and operation levels, with topics which include:
·         The Advanced Management Program,
·         Advanced Supervisory Program,
·         Labor Relations for all levels,
·         Retail Negotiating Skills – the only one available,
·         Customer Relations for all levels, as well as
·         Performance Management and Coaching Systems – also for all levels in the organization, including
          artisans and, of course, the vitally important
·         Interviewing and Evaluating Skills Program, which is the most effective skills-based training program 
​​​​​​​          available.
I offer this opportunity to work with you and to share my knowledge, international experience and skills with you. Many thanks for your time.