Starbeans: A Coffee Conspiracy

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About the author

Dan Salem

Dan Salem is an actor, writer, director and producer. He grew up in Connecticut, before attending college at Boston University where he met his wife and fellow artist Mandi Mellen. His time in Boston inspired him to write this novel, which he completed nearly ten years later.

Dan is currently working on numerous projects and is the chief editor for and its digital network. He writes and hosts videos for the network, as well as writes for NFL Spinzone. Dan has also written a variety of screenplays, many of which he produced for festival release and his channel Pillow Talk TV. In addition, Dan's written a quirky children's adventure book entitled 'Brown Dog.'

Dan lives in Los Angeles and constantly strives to find humor in our ever-changing world. After the events of 9/11 he found the presidential landscape full of irony and saw America's addiction to caffeine as a perfect weapon of satire. His goal was to poke fun at our country, the misunderstand beast that it is. As Matthew Norton discovers the true nature of democracy, Dan hopes readers too will see the humor in our current way of life. 

From the Author: "Unique voices polarize people and that was my goal with Starbeans. To take the simple idea of an overbearing government and expose the humor and irony inherent in its evolution."