Call of the Subconscious

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The Chanting Soul

Every book describes its author, but this one is different. It wants to know more about the reader. Who The Chanting Soul is, is really not of much importance. What is infinitely more important is who YOU are! What are your unique attributes? What special talents do you possess, by means of which you can contribute positively to this world you and I inhabit? What do you believe has been holding you back?
​​​​​​Remember each one of us matters; we are all here for a reason, some unique purpose. Let us now begin to search for and honor that reason and purpose, so that we may not only fulfill our own individual destinies but that we may also leave behind a positive, enduring legacy which the world can celebrate long after we've gone!

As for who or what The Chanting Soul is, let’s just say that it is not exclusive to the writer of this book.

That still, inner voice which prompts you to carry on despite a thousand defeats. That subtle something which tells you that you are worth way more than you think, that you can still achieve what you want to achieve. That you can still contribute constructively to this world, that there is meaning to your life.

That ‘something’ my friends, is The Chanting Soul, each one of us has it, although it is often hidden, hidden behind many layers of veils.

​​​​​​​ Veils that can and will be lifted, one by one,  but if and only if - we choose to lift them.