The Reluctant Bride

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About the author

Maxine Douglas

Maxine Doulgas first began writing in the early 1970s while in high school. She took every creative wrting course offered (grammar was not her best course) at the time and focused her energy for many years after that on poetry.  It wasn't until a dear friend's sister revealed she was about to become a published author that jump started Maxine into getting the ball rolling; she finishe dher first manuscript in a month's time.

One of the things Maxine has leared over the years is that you can never stop dreaming and reaching for the stars. Sooner or later you touch one and it'll bring you more happiness than you can ever imagine. Maxine feels lucky, and blessed, that over the past several years she's been able to reach out and touch the stars--and she's still reaching.

Maxine loves to hear from her readers. So come on by and say "Hello"; Maxine would love to hear from you. You can follow her on:


Twitter:  waMaxineDouglas