Making My Old Piano Teacher Cream

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Max Handcock here!

Onto my profile. I’m thirty years old as of January 10th 2017. I’m single and have been that way for some time as I have no wish to be tied down. Besides my sexual appetites are such at present that I doubt one woman could satisfy me.

I’m British by birth but have lived in America, in the Los Angeles area for approximately 5 years. I have a degree in Economics and hold down a job as an Office Manager during the day. I have no children that I know of and I class myself as strictly heterosexual.

I like strip clubs and sex tourism holidays. I occasionally use the services of prostitutes but prefer to seduce women, especially mature women who are several years older than me. I have a thing for married women and love nothing more than to rogger a woman in the prime of her married life, in her marriage bed whilst her husband and kids are out of the house. Do I feel guilty about being a home-wrecker? Heck no! I don’t really believe in marriage and figure that if a woman is willing to cheat on her husband with me then that is her prerogative.   

I love writing and sharing my sexual adventures with you horny readers and I hope to write many more in the coming months and years so look out for my new content. With that said, I hope you enjoy my writing and I look forward to making contact with many of you in the future as I will set-up a mailing list to update my fans with my activities and places where you can meet me for a night out on the town.

So happy reading and stay horny!!

Max Handcock