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Wisdom Ntshalintshali is a Swazi born kingdom Speaker who is passionate about speaking to the youth as well as his peers and anyone else who is interested in knowing beliefs that can help them live their life to the full. 

Being inspired by the likes of the late Dr Myles Munro, John C Maxlwel, Joseph Prince as well as Shane Willard he writes Chirstian content that is not in the legalistic system of Chirstianity but he inpiries by looking beyond religion into the ultimate nature of the Relationship Between God and Man. Some of his Work Include soon to be released book; God The earthly Giant as well as one he gives away for Free in his webiste Called God's Megaphone. 

His desire is to help Man realise his true power and magnificence as designed by his maker so he can rise up and return to his high place and stop Performing tasks at human level but at God level. One of his favorite bold statements is : God is not just someone to believe in but someone to become.