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Sharon Clare

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. –Roald Dahl

I don’t remember the first time I said, “Let’s pretend ...” but life is definitely more fun when I start my day with those words.

I write romantic fiction with a little magic, a little suspense and a little humour. When you reach the end, I strive to leave you in a happy place.

I’ve always lived in my head where making up stories was a guilty pleasure. It wasn’t until I had my three children and completed a degree in psychology and professional writing that making up stories became the job I love.

Life is full of difficult times, so it’s important to me to write novels where happiness ultimately triumphs. I help my characters overcome their demons, so they learn to love themselves, open their hearts, and receive the love everyone deserves.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea there’s more to our world than we perceive. That’s why I created Finn, a mischievous, match-making elf from a world just a wee bit off Earth, who believes every time love is experienced, energy empowers our worlds.

Find Finn playing games with humans and spreading the love in the Magical Matchmaker Series.

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What readers are saying:

 “There are two things I love most about Sharon Clare's writing and books: her strong ability to tell an imaginative and incredibly well-written tale and her love of the end-of-story twist.” –Terri, an Amazon reader

“Some authors possess a deft hand with adventure, others, mystery, and others, knee-buckling romance. Clare is a master of all three, weaving the elements together in an award-winning recipe guaranteed to make the mouth water.” –Sherry Isaac, award winning author

“Words that came to mind as I read it were sophisticated and polished. Ms. Clare's voice is lovely.” –Amy Dunn Caldwell