The Subtle And Refined Art Of Cynicism

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Rick vanEyk

The Space Wizard book series by author Rick VanEyk combines satire with fantasy as it casts you into a deep-space adventure about grumpy, old wizards with magical phone apps, Giant Tentacle Monsters with giant tentacles, and heaps and heaps of cynicism. If his books help make life on planet Earth just a little less mundane, Rick considers his mission accomplished. 

In a previous life, Rick was a salesperson who sold everything from advanced IT applications to magazine subscriptions (the only possible exception to this might be his own mother, whom he has never sold to anyone). 

Rick lives in Haarlem, The Netherlands, where he works part-time at an English language school to make his writing life possible. To get a free copy of The Space Wizard’s Guide To The Galaxy, which explains the workings of Larry Faaru’s universe in a totally non-mundane way, check out