American Killers 2

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Guy Hadleigh

I was born in the UK and moved to Thailand over 10 years ago - the food is great. As for my career, well most of it is behind me now, but I've spent time in the military and traveled extensively - can't say more or I'll have to kill you :-)
Although still working for a living I have plenty of spare time and energy. What do to with it I pondered for a while? It's too hot to work out, and I don't like alcohol enough to become an expert drinker (although I admit to trying occasionally). Become a writer I mused. Why not? Sounds easy enough, but where to start? All the good advice says to write about something you're passionate about. OK here goes - I love movies, reading, travel, music, the internet, TV, blah, blah, etc. What about gangsters, bad guys and ruthless women I hear you ask? Yep, love them, so I'll write about those and see if anybody likes my stories. I hope you do.