To Rule The World

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Sparky Goldman

I'm a character that was created in one of my own stories. So who's writing this? That's what I'd like to know! I like to tell all kinds of stories. From space men to ghosts and many things in between, I have quite the interesting imagination!

Seriously, I'm a former over the road trucker who loved trucking. I gave it up to care for my parents after my father had a massive stroke back in 2010. He used to look after mom because her health wasn't all that well.

My health has started getting worse since becomeing my mother's caregiver back in 2017. She has dementia. I on the other hand have devoloped PTSD because she has fallen so much. Writing my stories are an escape to me. I hope they are a pleasure for you to read!

I won't lie, I need the money too. 

I live with my parents as their caregiver and due to being their caregiver I can't find work because I need to be here for them. My state doesn't pay family members to be caregivers. And due to my health, there's not a lot I can do anymore. So I'm trying to make some money with my stories. I have many of them to tell! 

My biggest fear is becoming homeless. Mom's dementia has progressed far enough that she needs to be in a rest home. I'm not certain how long we'll (my father and I) will be able to keep up with the bills. 

Here's to hoping my stories are good enough to help my situation!