Epoch: Fates And Furies

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Michael Orr

Michael Orr was born in (arguably) the first year of GenX and wears a sizable chip on his shoulder because of it. He graduated from the same high school as Kevin Costner and attended UC Irvine back when they still hosted Oingo Boingo concerts in the gym.

Putting his English major immediately to work, he hired into those big ‘English’ corporations you’re always hearing about, and was agonizingly digested by the cubicle beast over the next quarter-century.

Having narrowly escaped his own personal Sarlacc, Michael now resides in Denver Colorado, jonesing for the beaches of his youth and consoling himself with stories of wide-ranging starships and alien shorelines.

When he’s not writing, Michael descends into the netherworld of 3D modeling to conjure the virtual vessels and characters that grace his book covers and website (orrspace.com).