Libra Cryptocurrency: How Facebook Created the New Global Currency

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Miriam Mc Collum

Miriam McCollum is a business person, insubordinate marketer, and technology expert. She has begun, developed and effectively numerous businesses in different industries. Miriam is energetic about helping organizations find new and creative approaches to use technology and advertising to encourage quick business development. As exceptionally looked for after business mentor, adviser, and open speaker, she often shares her demonstrated methodologies and front line strategies with individuals everywhere throughout the world. Miriam has been working as a full-time trader for over 12 years. Her main technique for trading is based on Price Action and simple technical concepts applied to modern standards of trading. She uses some fundamentals also to understand the big trends that move the markets. Miriam (Born: January 17th, 1967) lives in Minnesota, United States, with her better half, and their youngsters. She likewise writes E-book, short story accumulations, books, verse volumes, articles, analysis, and dramatist.