Suicide Note

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Natasha Nixon

Natasha Nixon,

Natasha Nixon, is an American novel and script writter born in Fort Worth, Tx. 

Natasha was born August 7, 1985 her and 4 other siblings were raised by a single mother and their step father. Not knowing about the other side of her family she grew only knowing part of herself until she met her biological father Kenneth Nedd. Whom she has 2 sister's and 3 brother making that a total of 10 siblings. After going through many rough patches in her life she found a way to express herself through words and diaolog. In the beginning it was art a craft that was apart of her since she was very young. Later that art and imagery turned into words poetry and music combined. Until it finally became stories. Becoming a story teller included everything she loved and enjoyed the art (imagery), poetry and music, and the stories that life gives on everyday. 


Natasha Nixon grew up with a love and a passion for art and writting. Entering poetry contest giving her first place prizes and possible scolorships as she got older. But her interest changed and her once school of her dreams "The Art Institute of Dallas"  became something bigger. She ended up attending "Fullsail University" and even though she had rough stages she accomplished her goal. Becoming the first in her family to graduate College and become a certified "Film and Video" Specialist.


Natasha Nixon is 5'6in tall, African lineage. She has tattoo's that include images and some words. Her most important tattoo's are her images of her elephants that represent strength, longevity, endurance, remembrance, etc. Although she has her children's names they represent something more and entirely different. She has 5 living children total being 4 boys and 1 girl and 1 deceased  son. Her deceased son is attatched to so much that she has to say because his death brought her so much pain and anguish. 

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Natasha Nixon