Super Neigong of Ancient Monks

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David Teng

David H Teng

BSEE, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley and MSEE, Electrical Engineering, UCLA

With the knowledge of Qi, I reversed a body of poor genetics, mental health, and my near fatal degenerative illness in the prostate, stomach, and brain with no invasive procedures.

Now I wish to present to you my knowledge accumulated over the years (through my keen senses to Qi paired with scientific thinking) as someone who had been to the abyss and back. 

Also as someone who can relate to what any individual could have been through since my rise in consciousness and physical health started from virtually the “rock-bottom”.

There was this once I heard on the news about a famous bodybuilder getting a stroke at the age of 38.  I often think to myself, only if they understood Qi and the source of life.

I will bring to you the world of energy and Qi together with scientific thinking.