Dr. Sebi’s: Alkaline Diet Cookbook with More Dr. Sebi Approved

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About the author

Sebastian Hollahejst Poust

Sebastian Hollahejst Poust is a herbalist, biochemist, and pathologist. He studied plant-based nutrition at the Kingdom College of Natural Health. In His20 years of experience, He honed and developed those skills to include alkaline-based diets. 

Sebastian  believes in the power of plants and proper nutrition to heal any ailment. He is an expert in this field, with countless workshops under Hisbelt. He’s helped cure people all over the world. Hisapproach doesn’t include healing just the symptoms but also taking a holistic approach that promotes wellbeing, energy, and physical and mental harmony.  

Sebastian  spent the last ten years strictly adhering to Dr. Sebi’s diet, and in that time, Hisbody experienced an unparalleled transformation. Both He and Hisfamily had never had to visit a doctor after adopting Dr. Sebi’s rules for health. Drawing from Hisown experience and Dr. Sebi’s knowledge, Sebastian  developed a singular approach to healing and wellness. Hismethodology and understanding of medicinal herbs set Hisapart from Hispeers and ensured success in all Hisendeavors. 

He’s a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine and natural therapies. Sebastian  spent years studying the effects of different herbs and plants and has developed recipes that are in tune with nature and natural processes. All Histreatments and recipes promote the basic principles of Dr. Sebi’s diet and ensure that the body exists in an alkaline environment where no diseases can take root. 

Sebastian  is a health activist who believes in the power of nutrition. Hisexperience thought Histhat we can all be healthy, fit, and energetic if we give up on acidic foods and adopt a healthy, alkaline lifestyle. Plant-based diets and nutrition are Hispassion, and He spends every day practicing what He preaches. 

When He’s not writing books or healing people through plant-based treatments and recipes, Sebastian  spends Histime studying Dr. Sebi’s body of work, traveling, and hanging out with Hisfamily. He has a supportive husband and four amazing children who inspire Histo create a better world.