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Mushin Ru

Since young I studied other’s behaviors, but this I did in my very own ways...! I remember one day I created a trap so that my brother wouldn't enter my room in the mornings, to get me up for school.


I tied a long rope to a lamp, all the way till the door to my room. The lamp was located about 1-meter high from my bed and 2-meters far from my door. The end of the rope was jammed between the door and the wall, so that once the door would open, the rope would be released! on the lamp rested three medals coiling up the rope. These were also on top of an aluminum jar with a pulley on top, ready to be launched with the vibration of the rope. The jar pulley was crimped to a dental floss that that with the fluttering of the medals, would make the jar slide down the thread at a great speed. The jar would travel thus all the way from the lamp above my head, till the closet handle that was in front of my bed. Then, in between the handle of the closet and the dental floss also rested a heavy training ball, meant to fall with the sliding of the jar. This ball was attached to a string that, once tempered, would result in the pulling of the trigger of a toy harpoon. The harpoon was attached to my bed, pointing one dart towards the upper part of my door. Practically, when the door was opened the dart was released about 2 seconds later, just enough time for my bother to consider NOT entering...! But don’t worry, that my brother is ok! ;) 

Growing up I take distance from who I was, till the point I one day found myself in a Rehabilitation Centre, in Colombia. Luckily, this place was magical! it was located far away from the city and was surrounded only by nature. This was for me the perfect opportunity to retreat from my mind and to remember who am. But not until a great deal of pain, that I started seeing similarities in differences and one truth in every choice. Then I knew I had assimilated the mind to be like the smoke covering the directions, and behind all of it? Me, making every choice


無 or ‘Mu’ (‘Wu’ or 无), is the state of the mind which show us one way to experiencing the cycle of life and death, but as a whole. 心 or ‘Xin’, ‘Shin’ or ‘Quing’ (情) is one source of energy located within all of us, which if getting access to it, one becomes capable of creating life. रु or ‘Ru’ is a syllable of an Indian origin, associated with the action of “dispelling” low vibrational energies, and in this context, throughout the manifestation of light.

The personal motivation for the helping of others, come from the own experiences with pain & suffering. The work of Aether Foinix ( is also complementary to the views & approach by Mushin Ru. Books offered by this author are also supported by a university degree (and specialization in the Mental Health sector) in the framework of the social sciences, granted by The Hague University, in The Netherlands.