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Melanie Morley

New Zealand born young adult fiction writer Melanie Morley is of proud African American Anglo heritage, residing in beautiful south-west Victoria, Australia. She is a fully qualified holistic therapist, practitioner, mental health and wellbeing counsellor and meditation and mindfulness teacher working at a private school, educating and mentoring senior students. Her focus is the welfare and mental health of youth; empowering and gently motivating students to find their strengths, uncover creativity, encourage growth, inspire self-love while being conscious and grounded on the journey through life.

Melanie lives on the coast with her young son and border collie dog Holly, enjoying the beach and peace and serenity to write in fresh air and nature. The welfare of animals, the environment and respect and preservation of our children’s world is also a passionate focus and driving factor in her writing style which is always lesson-based and full of ecological advocacy.

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