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Judie Gerber

Dr. Judie Gerber DVM   In 1989, after graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Judie moved to Sausalito, California, for an internship at The Marine Mammal Center, and in 1990, became their first Veterinary Fellow. In 1992, she switched gears and spent the next decade practicing small animal medicine at five Bay Area veterinary hospitals and emergency clinics.
In 2001, Judie took a sabbatical from practice due to a mysterious illness that no health professional could identify. As a researcher at heart, with a desire to explore the neurological effects of a puzzling, systemic, medical illness in humans, she spent three years in the autism field, and after several trials, tribulations, and dead ends, Judie finally found the answers to her health issues. She’ll enjoy seeing the day when:
*Lyme/Borrelia, Bartonella, and associated diseases, are taught in medical schools so that all medical doctors are comfortable with the diagnosis and treatment of these and all zoonoses or zoonotic diseases, or at least know enough to refer to a qualified health professional. *The American Medical Association (AMA) and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) work together to get zoonoses like Bartonella and Lyme/Borrelia and associated diseases out of No-Man’s Land. *Insurance covers the costs of diagnosis and treatment of Lyme/Borrelia and its co-infections just as it would any other disease. *The Medical-Powers-That-Be face the truth about the environmental causes of autism and put every resource at their disposal to fix the situation so that future generations of children don’t continue to get sicker and sicker, and we can heal those already affected as much as possible. *Every sentient being on Earth and Mother Earth herself are treated with humane compassion and respect, and animal welfare is second nature to all humans.
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