Don't Forget to Ask

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William Barton

     With over 25 years of management experience in the high-stakes world of Fortune 500, William Barton regards himself as a professional student of the world. Not content just to dedicate himself to one course of studies in one specific area, William first received his BS in Math and Physics from Georgetown College before adding an additional degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky. Despite his obvious interest in the world of STEM, William found himself in pursuit of a business degree of which he obtained a Masters from The Ohio State University. A lifelong learner and a dedicated student of higher education and scholarly pursuits, it is no wonder that after a successful career in business that William has decided to translate both his love and wealth of knowledge to others by penning his first book. His debut work, Don’t Forget to Ask: How to Sell Your Position and Negotiate Anything with Anyone is a compendium of knowledge on the subject of negotiations. And when he isn’t pursuing further course of study, William enjoys teasing his wife about a future law degree and enjoying another one of life’s great lessons, the joys of fatherhood, to three boys.