How To Perform Successful Habits

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Adam Fred

Independent Swedish writer and researcher.
Fred conveys his personal observations and experiences through his books.

There is always a desire to acquire rare items. And because of their rarity, their value increases over time. But! Have we ever considered the value of "Time" itself?

Time is regarded by Fred as The most valuable rare resource in life. But its constant availability makes us forget the fact that it's limited. And it's the most valuable resource because not all treasures of the world can buy us one second!

Fred believes that: by investing in ourselves we prove that we are aware of the value of our life's journey. And because this journey is doomed to be limited, so it must be used as much as possible.
However, this can only be achieved by investing in ourselves, because Life would have no meaning without the human who lives it. In contrast! Life becomes valuable when we recognize the value of ourselves.

As a result, the only investment that is guaranteed to produce a profit is our investment in ourselves.

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