Hob and the Crystal Sphere

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David Chandler

David lives on an asparagus plantation in Fiji with two cats and an invisible ostrich called Gerald. Gerald is partial to asparagus, therefore David is still to realise his fortune.

Well, the bit about the cats is true!

In truth, David trained as an actor. His biggest success back then was having his resume and photo returned from a Spielberg casting with a staple in the corner. Who knows what was pinned there...! Later, he became a professional illusionist for a few years - yes, floating rabbits and pulling women out of a hat - or something like that.

​​​​​​​David has always written and is the proud owner of a plethora of unfinished novels ranging from a brief outline about cyber-crime to a hilarious internet rom-com that he abandoned after 35,000 words. He has, however, managed to squeeze out a number of children's books, and TV screenplays which have received slightly warmer than body temperature reviews.

Recently, he has resurrected his acting career - appearing in an Armenian Horror Show (Mahvan Jokate) as the evil Mr. Smith, in Death Squad as the evil Nikolai Livanov (we're seeing a pattern here) and, more recently in Purgatory as the... marginally unpleasant Preston. These roles had him running to finally add something to his IMDb page.