Blood on Canvas: A C.T. Ferguson Crime Novella

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About the author

Tom Fowler

Tom Fowler was born and raised in Baltimore and still resides in Maryland. He is an unabashed homer for Baltimore sports teams. His full-time job is in the field of computer security.

Even from a young age, Tom wanted to write. He was about seven or eight, so the stories were brief and awful. Among them was a "murder mystery" in which young Tom, a polite lad, referred to everyone as "Mr. Patrick" or "Miss Jane." The most interesting thing about the alleged murder mystery was that no one died (and, in fact, everyone recovered quite nicely in the hospital). In the intervening years, Tom has gotten over this problem with killing characters in his stories.

When not working or writing, Tom enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading, sports, movies, and writing brief bios in the third person.