The Power of Not Caring: Regain control of our own value, not seeking anyone’s approval, living with true freedom

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About the author

Grace Scott

Grace Scott was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada in the year of 1979. She held a bachelor of Arts degree with exceptionally high honors. Grace Scott published one of her bestselling book "The Power of Not Caring" in the year 2013. Her works also included "The Materialistic World". In 2014, Grace Scott launched two of her new books "The Comparing Game" and "The Secret of Creating Your Reality".

Grace Scott is a wise and gentle spiritual teacher living in Vancouver with her 3 loving cats. Grace hoped to change thoughts and lives of people with her unique way of teachings in her books. Grace Scott has also been helping and inspiring countless people to find peace and love even in the most extreme circumstances.

Grace believed in celebrating life and accept every single day with gratitude and love. She also believed that everyone deserved to live with joy, release struggle, experience peace, love, and abundance in everyday lives.