Her Black Boss's Ultimatum

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Charlotte Kyss

Hi, I'm Charlotte Kyss.

I’ve been doing a variety of writing for the last several years. Unfortunately, too much of my energy recently has been directed towards writing academic style material (such as my apparently unfinishable PhD), so writing erotica gives me an outlet for my otherwise unsatisfied creative urges. If it brings you, my dear readers, some pleasure as well, then I consider it a success!

The explosion of eReading has allowed authors who would otherwise remain unpublished (such as myself) the opportunity to connect with readers from all around the world. Truly, we are thankful. While a lot of us write for the love of writing, you (the readers) are who make it possible for us to continue. Without you, we are a song unheard. Thank you.

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Thank you for reading!

Charlotte xoxo