The Weight of the World

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About the author

Terry A. Degner

Terry A. Degner is a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. For over twenty-three years, he designed, wrote, directed, and edited hundreds of video, sound, and multimedia productions; including children’s shows, documentaries, dramas, and training and promotional programs. For twelve of those years, he owned and managed his own production company, and his skill at script-writing is what brought in the repeat business. In addition to his media career, the author spent twelve years in sales and marketing, climbing the corporate ladder and winning many awards along the way. He got an education in electronics from the U.S. Navy, a degree from the University of Minnesota in speech (broadcast) journalism, and he is a certified webmaster. Terry was ideally suited to write, with captivating dialogue, this continuing true account of his life—a goal he set for himself at the age of twelve.